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In the software development sector there has to be a gradual escalation from chaotic processes to a systematic and mature software process. This methodology of a process improvement framework that handhold the organization towards high performance operations is provided by the CMMI. It furnishes a flow chart which pans out the different principles and practices which are elemental in a software concern to better the maturity level of their software processes and charts out a course from adhoc to disciplined process. This process has several layers which propels the company to persistent improved processes.

CMMI is a highly popular and universally recognized mechanism to standardize software in the world resulting into better commercial outcome, with an impetus to quality and process predictability.

CMMI has five layers to the process of maturity:

  • Starts with working o poorly controlled processes
  • Gradually these haphazard processes are planned, controlled, monitored, documented and performed into a coherent project
  • Each process is defined with its characteristics and comprehended as parts of a whole with a clear demarcation of procedures, tools and standards at the organization level
  • Quantitative techniques and statistics are exploited to control and monitor processes
  • Process performances are assiduously enhanced through incremental and transforming technology

CMMI is now being adopted vigorously on a global scale due to its inherent advantages:

  • Provides an approach which is proven to dramatically improve project predictability and heighten focus on consistency on delivery
  • More effective error detection and management of change saves costs on remediation and re-work. Drastic reduction also takes place in schedule variability
  • Adopting CMMI is an aspect of self improvement which makes them more competitive leading to more visibility, better performances and improved profit margins

CMMI, originating in the USA, have found acceptability in the business community worldwide and now it has become mandatory for software firms to adopt this process accelerator and surely you couldn’t be left behind. Can you?

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